Curse of the Vassal Fruit: Book 1 in the Frog Prince Adventures

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Joseph, theJoseph, the Frog Prince and daydreamer, yearns for adventure. On the eve of his father’s coronation as king of the Swamp Kingdom, Joseph discovers a plot to unseat his father and enslave the kings of the Twelve Kingdoms. No one believes the young prince’s warnings because the king’s devious toad advisors have persuaded them all to dismiss them as children’s stories. As unseen enemies close in all around and with no allies in their quest to stop the plot and save the kingdoms, Joseph and his fairy princess friend Rose-Marie turn to Morla, Joseph’s ancient teacher and dearest friend. But when Morla investigates Joseph’s claims, Morla’s quarters are ransacked, and he disappears.

The castle guards attempt to lock the children in the dungeon to cover up the conspiracy—a conspiracy to enslave the leaders of the free world with an archaic magic from the time before the animals were given speech. Joseph and his fairy companion must face dragons, elude an army of rats, explore hidden caverns beneath an ancient castle, find Morla, and unravel the truth to stop the conspiracy before the world falls under the Curse of the Vassal Fruit.