front Cover final finalThis site is dedicated to my fantasy writings. My first novel, the Curse of the Vassal Fruit: Book 1 of the Frog Prince Adventures is on sale now on Amazon.  My work is in the young reader’s fantasy genre with an eye on adult readers enjoying the experience as well. I love paying homage to fantasy works that inspire me. As you read you’ll notice lines, scenes, and other references to my favorite works. I tend to give out recognition to those who can pick out the obscure ones. I even have named characters in my second novel after beta readers who caught enough references.

Every Monday I’ll post a new short story from the Frog Prince fantasy world to the free stories section. Every story includes a handful of hidden book/movie references. Let us know how many you find and we’ll recognize you in a followup post on Monday. Let us know what you think! Reader feedback is always welcome!