About the Us

22008162_161172727800286_1597948690887368975_nErik Sietsema is an author, a pastor, a husband, a dad, an amateur grill master, occasional lunch lady, part time day dreamer, and movie/book junkie.


Curse of the Vassal Fruit: The Frog Prince Adventures is Erik’s first fantasy novel. The story is for and about his kids. The series was inspired by a quilt he saw in a coffee shop while his kids pretended to be frogs nearby. The prince himself was inspired by Erik’s son and the Princess is oddly similar Erik’s daughter. Erik’s wife insists that the fox is, in fact, modeled on Erik himself. The series is growing and will include multiple books when it is finished.




All art for the Frog Prince novels is the work of Jennifer Fultz. Jen and Erik met in a fist fight they were both participating in. They have since been involved in dozens of brawls together. She is a talented artist, whose services are available for hire. Contact her at: drawn.n2.life@gmail.com

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